Aegos: Age of Light

Desert Party 001: "A Tiny Temper"

The boy that started it all.

Temper had always had a short fuse. But his companions at the guild though he was doing better now that he had a steady job getting rid of monsters on the road and killing the occasional bandit. But one bad day in the tavern and no milk to calm him down got the better of him. He smashed a glass of whiskey on one of the bartender’s head and cracked it open, only to coerce the second one to get him some milk. Out of ideas, the man gave him a bottle milk liquor, which Temper promptly used to smash his head open.

Guards came in to arrest him (although not very efficiently, as downed three of them before reinforcements could drag him to prison. Luckily his guild mates bailed him out and managed to get him on a new job before any more chaos could be wrought. It was a simple job, a bit dangerous, but simple nonetheless: “hunt some Deviljhos, 1k gold per hide”. And off they went to the northern Red Desert.

On the road they were caught unprepared when in the middle of the night a band of giant scorpions surrounded the camp and began attacking them. Unbeknownst to them, they had settled camp over a small cave system, in which the scorpions had taken residence. The battle was long and tiring, but eventually the scorpions were slain and their meat and carapaces used for food and armour. Temper managed to construct a make-shift attire from the carapaces and began wearing that instead of his old rusted iron armour.

With the threat dealt with and their energies spent, the party decided to call it a night. But while they were sleeping soundly, the Deviljhos were hard at work, tunnelling and hunting underground. Unfortunately for the party, a small tremor managed to destabilize the caves bellow, collapsing the ground underneath them and trapping them in a whirlpool of sinking sand. Temper managed to stay on top for few seconds before being sucked in, seconds that saved his life as he managed to reduce the impact of the fall by rolling over and through the corpses of his guild mates.

Alone and lost, 50ft beneath the surface, Temper began exploring the underground lair. It didn’t surprise him to find it crawling with insects and Deviljhos, of which he slew one before heading deeper into the cave. Following the sound of water, Temper found a small underground cave, filled with mysteriously glowing rocks, and a giant golden door. Ignoring the inscriptions on said door, he touched it, turning it into a pool of molten gold that quickly seeped through the sand. Maybe scared or maybe uninterested in proceeding into the depths of the cave, Temper turned back, and managed to escape the cave, but not before taking a glowing rock with him.

Back on the surface, he started walking north, eventually reaching “Loren’s Oasis” where the local merchants (?) had him take a rest and offered him a deal for the rock. They’d return to the cave and extract the rocks, and in exchange they’d take Temper to the capital on cart, and give him 30% of the sales. And so once again Temper found himself in the underground, now followed by 3 Va’alorians, a two slaves: Zaunian and a Vantic.

The two slaves, Liam and Lina were put on excavation duty while the Va’alorians explored the rest of the room. The door had re-appeared, but once again its warnings were ignored as the greedy merchants touched it and sent it collapsing into the ground. Behind it, they found a gigantic ravine, the likes of which had never been seen before. Temper peeked over the edge to find at its bottom was a river of molten gold and a winged creature that was climbing the walls to meet them.

Soon enough they engaged the winged monstrosity in combat. The merchants were surprised to hear it speak as it introduced itself as Adamai, just before raining molten gold down on one of them, instantly burning him to death. Temper and the remaining merchant fought valiantly, but all seemed lost when Temper was struck by the beasts claws. However, Temper endured the pain and sent the creature against the pillars of glowing rock that blocked the entrance, only to find out that they shocked Adamai whenever he came close to them.

Thus, by insistently and constantly striking at Adamai and pushing him against the pillars, Temper emerged victorious. But some battles may be better left lost. Temper was cursed with Adamai’s powers, turning him into a creature of pure emeralds and molten gold, much alike the beast.


Vosenedich Vosenedich

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