Aegos: Age of Light

Eric & Iris 007: "The Mary Reunion"

Sex and drugs and...more drugs

Not surprisingly, the meat that the maid prepared for Iris was completely unsatisfying. She managed to find herself a fat, warty man to sleep with her. When she was done sleeping with him, she leaned in to take just a little bit of his blood… and when she came to again, she realized that she had gone all lion on antelope on him. She wrapped up his body in sheets and popped out the window, checking over the town for a good place to dispose of the body. She watched two drunk men fight and fall unconscious and promptly took their meager belongings before returning to her room. When she was lowering him out of her room, he made a loud crack as he hit the floor. Panicking, she cleaned herself off and sneaked out of the tavern and slept in an alleyway across town.

She awoke to find an Aegorian man sleeping on her lap. When he awoke, it was pretty obvious that he was under the effects of Opium. While he saw her as some sort of strange Slenderman, he agreed to take her back to his house, which was just a room at the local tavern. Parting the red sea of people on his way there with his holy presence, Iris did her best to pretend she was not walking with this junkie.

She waited for him to wake up once in his room, after stealing his locket and eating some of his food. When he awoke, he was much less… crazy. He introduced himself as Gilligan, a man who had joined the clergy of Broth because his parents made him. She shrugged and asked if she could lay low with him for a couple of days. While Gilligan began working on helping the tavern owner improve his atmosphere and make it more patriotic, Iris began working as a barmaid for some extra cash while she looked for Eric.
Two weeks passed and Eric returned to the city. Gilligan ran out of Opium and went looking for some more. He found a group of people. He cast zone of silence so no one could hear him killing them out and proceeded to kill each of the severely drugged out people. He took their Opium and returned. Iris talked to him about helping her look for Eric that day and they went out.

Meanwhile, Eric got a room at the local tavern and went looking for Iris at a brothel. Upon finding out that she hadn’t been there in two weeks, he got a sketch artist and began putting up posters of her under the name of “Mary Miller”. He picked up the scythe from Mishka.

Gilligan found him putting up one of these posters. He asked if this Mary was Iris and asked if there was a reward for finding her. Eric beamed and gave him 100 gold, which he promptly stole half of it back. Gilligan lead him back to the tavern. At the same time, Iris found the tavern that Eric was staying in and stayed there waiting for him.
In the morning, Eric headed back to the tavern he originally stayed in, where he found Iris. They taunted each other for a bit before heading up alone to Eric’s room to talk while Gilligan waited downstairs.


Vosenedich Vosenedich

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