Aegos: Age of Light

Eric & Iris 008: "Dungeons Bad or Breaking Dragons"
Into the empire business.

Stuff that happened here.

Eric & Iris 007: "The Mary Reunion"
Sex and drugs and...more drugs

Not surprisingly, the meat that the maid prepared for Iris was completely unsatisfying. She managed to find herself a fat, warty man to sleep with her. When she was done sleeping with him, she leaned in to take just a little bit of his blood… and when she came to again, she realized that she had gone all lion on antelope on him. She wrapped up his body in sheets and popped out the window, checking over the town for a good place to dispose of the body. She watched two drunk men fight and fall unconscious and promptly took their meager belongings before returning to her room. When she was lowering him out of her room, he made a loud crack as he hit the floor. Panicking, she cleaned herself off and sneaked out of the tavern and slept in an alleyway across town.

She awoke to find an Aegorian man sleeping on her lap. When he awoke, it was pretty obvious that he was under the effects of Opium. While he saw her as some sort of strange Slenderman, he agreed to take her back to his house, which was just a room at the local tavern. Parting the red sea of people on his way there with his holy presence, Iris did her best to pretend she was not walking with this junkie.

She waited for him to wake up once in his room, after stealing his locket and eating some of his food. When he awoke, he was much less… crazy. He introduced himself as Gilligan, a man who had joined the clergy of Broth because his parents made him. She shrugged and asked if she could lay low with him for a couple of days. While Gilligan began working on helping the tavern owner improve his atmosphere and make it more patriotic, Iris began working as a barmaid for some extra cash while she looked for Eric.
Two weeks passed and Eric returned to the city. Gilligan ran out of Opium and went looking for some more. He found a group of people. He cast zone of silence so no one could hear him killing them out and proceeded to kill each of the severely drugged out people. He took their Opium and returned. Iris talked to him about helping her look for Eric that day and they went out.

Meanwhile, Eric got a room at the local tavern and went looking for Iris at a brothel. Upon finding out that she hadn’t been there in two weeks, he got a sketch artist and began putting up posters of her under the name of “Mary Miller”. He picked up the scythe from Mishka.

Gilligan found him putting up one of these posters. He asked if this Mary was Iris and asked if there was a reward for finding her. Eric beamed and gave him 100 gold, which he promptly stole half of it back. Gilligan lead him back to the tavern. At the same time, Iris found the tavern that Eric was staying in and stayed there waiting for him.
In the morning, Eric headed back to the tavern he originally stayed in, where he found Iris. They taunted each other for a bit before heading up alone to Eric’s room to talk while Gilligan waited downstairs.

Eric & Iris 006: "Dreams and Nightmares"
Friends gone by and the looming darkness around.

Iris realizes that what she’s seeing isn’t real when she is transported back to her prison cell, only to see the guards bring in Eric and someone that looks suspiciously like herself. Her vision fades and she finds herself reappearing in Salmonshore. The whole town appears to be empty and she wanders about it before hearing a commotion from the shore. She rushes out to see many people holding ropes attached to a creature in the sea. Just when she asks a person standing by what’s going on, though, she is transported again, this time to her hometown of Rondel, looking upon the burnt remains of her house. She heads next door to Eric’s home and discovers it empty. Upon entering Eric’s room, however, she finds a woman holding a baby. Thrilled that her vision isn’t going dark, she speaks to her briefly. The woman seems alarmed and asks who she is before Iris vanishes again.

This time she is back on the balcony where she began, suspended in the air in some sort of water bubble. She sees two men speaking, the one who she met the first time on the balcony, talking to some sort of strange bone man. When the bone man vanishes, her bubble pops and she falls to the ground, just managing to keep her balance. The man who remains asks her what she’s doing here and she explained that it had been him that sent her out to look for the pendant. He continues to talk in circles, which thoroughly frustrates Iris. He asks about the pendant, which she adamantly replies that she’s already told him what happened to the pendant. He then asks what date on which she lost the pendant, which she gives him. He tells her that that’s enough and her entire life flashes before her eyes before she is returned to… where she was standing before, god dammit.

He asks her if she wishes to join the Mythos. She questions what this is and gets a rather vague answer. She asks if it’s her destiny, with the prophecy and he shakes his head, saying that they hope to make sure that the prophecy never comes true. Reluctant, she asks him for some time to think over the matter. She is transported to a room with no doors. Frustrated, she calls out for someone and one of the ghostly men appear. He hisses to her, which annoys her to no end. She requests food and is delivered a purple haired hobo. Again, she attempts to drink his blood without killing him, but fails miserably. She requests that Eric be brought to her and is ignored. After a few minutes, the man shows back up again, demanding her answer. She keeps firmly requesting that Eric be brought to her so that she can make the decision with him. He says that this is her decision to make alone and that Eric cannot follow her into the Mythos. It is this straw that leads her to refuse the offer. If she cannot be with Eric, she will not join the Mythos. He says that it is a shame and she is “sent back to her old life” and is returned to the prison cell.

Meanwhile, Eric floats down (up?) the river into a canyon that is mostly certainly and definitely not a cave. The river flows up the mountain, defying the laws of gravity, and leads Eric to a large lake high above the mountian. He decides to set up camp by the shore and drinks some of the water from the river, which he finds out is infused with magic. That night, he has a dream where Markus offers him some stew, and then wanders into the lake. The next day, he takes some of the water directly from the lake and dilutes it into a potion. He drinks the potion and that night, he has another dream. This time, he sees Markus and two shadowy figures, and again they all wander off into the lake. The next day, he tries making tea out of some of the same water. When he dreams, he sees Markus, his parents, Iris’s caretaker and many hungry people, but this time, after they all walk into the lake, seven wolves remain behind, looking at him. He tries the water one last time and in his dreams he sees scores of men, guards from both Grinner and Heinrock. He even sees Randall of Rondel, a man he remembered from his childhood. He asks Randall if he has any message he’d like to pass to his family, but he answers with gibberish and smiles at Eric. Every night, as the figures vanish into the lake Eric would wake up a little agitated.

Having had enough of the bizarre dreams, Eric decides to leave the lake, but when he attempts to walk down the strange river, he finds out that it is capable of dragging him at a considerable rate, and all effort to outrun the current is futile. Realizing the only way to get down the mountain is through the other downstream rivers, he attempts to traverse one of them. But the rapids are too strong for him and he is sucked in. Through miraculous luck, he is thrown around for what feels like weeks to him, his head popping out of the water at just the right times for him to get a gasp of air. He eventually ends up on shore, having learned to swim the very… very hard way.

He makes use of his arcane powers to locate the direction back to Heinrock and begins travelling south-west, eventually finding the town of Nikervale. There he buys supplies and a horse and takes the road to Nina’s Crossing, deciding to take the longer but safer road to Heinrock.

Meanwhile, Iris realizes that upon both of their disappearances and with no more prisoners, the high security prison did not have anyone left guarding it. She waited a day or two, hoping in vain that by some chance, someone would come down there and find her. Her eyes adjusted to the dark in this time, allowing her to make a better jump to the platform. She manages to avoid falling in the pit of boiling water and heads over to the door. She finds it unlocked and pulls it open. Squinting, she allows herself to readjust to the light before heading up the countless stairs. After forever of climbing, she manages to get to the top, finding the castle to be almost completely empty. Claiming a damaged sword just in case, she manages to just simply… walk out of the castle.

Heading to the Fighter’s Guild, she realizes she needs a sufficient lockpick in order to get in. So she heads down to the marketplace, deciding to ask a merchant where a coinless girl can sleep the night. He directs her to a tavern, asking her to tell Orphelia that “Tuesday Bob” said hi. She agrees and isn’t surprised when she learns that this tavern doubles as a brothel. She asks to work for a room and spends her night with a man. Upon waking up, she sits down with two other prostitutes with a pipe, taking a big puff of it herself, unaware that it was opium. She manages to wheedle two bobby pins out of them but in the process gets too hammered to feel confident in raiding the Fighter’s Guild Tower. So she decides to wait until it wears off… which is a big mistake in itself. After she fucks her client that night, she vomits up the entire contents of her stomach in the waste basket. She returns to bed with him and wakes up… hungry. Unfortunately, he’s also awake at this time. She spends some time with him and smokes his normal tobacco pipe with him, having sworn off opium forever. She gains Kedric as a Tuesday regular. Taking the money to the market, she buys a sword from Mishka and a block of bloody meat from a merchant, hoping to stave off her hunger until the night. But when she headed back to the brothel, Orphelia caught her and demanded her cut. Iris realizes too late that she spent most of her money, which displeases Orphelia, who tells Iris to take the meat to the kitchen and to join her for dinner. Reluctant to give away her bloody meal, she agrees, asking the kitchen maid to make sure her portion is extra bloody.

Eric & Iris 005: "Frank's Betrayal"
Frank wasn't so frank.
During the night, Eric woke up and discovered someone going through his belongings. As he was getting up, it dissolved into smoke in the moonlight. He checked to make sure all of his stuff was still there before shrugging and getting back into his bed with the prostitute.

In the morning, Iris discovered that her pendant had gone missing during the night. Along with Malcolm’s ring and the mirror part of her mirror. Furious, she demanded that the guards stationed outside of her door look for it. They informed her that no one could have entered her room during the night, which she of course knew was a bunch of shit. They also told her that she was summoned to the royal palace. Still irritated, she got dressed and went with them. She only briefly spoke with Eric before they went into the banquet hall.
It was there they were asked to recount the story of Markus’s death. Shedding a few tears, Iris left the story-telling to Eric. He told a story of how they met Markus and fought Redhood. He said that Markus had bravely taken a poison tipped arrow for Iris and that was what had weakened him when the wolves sprung them. When he had finished giving his account, Frank had the body of Redhood brought in. Iris observed the body and thought it looked somewhat off, as if the man hadn’t taken enough injuries to cause his death. She didn’t say anything, though. Eric confirmed that it was Redhood. Upon his declaration, Frank named Redhood a spy from Grinner and in turn called both of the heroes traitors. They were dragged away to the highest level of prisons Heinrock had to offer: hanging cells over boiling water.

Iris convinced one of the guards to speak to Largo for her and after a few hours, he came down with one of the princes.

He told them that they would have to remain in their cells and that Eric had the possibility of getting out through Trial by Combat, if he so chose. He warned Eric that if he took this option, it would be Largo he’d be fighting and he wouldn’t go easy on him. Eric said he would think about it.
Not long after Largo left, several men in black and green armor showed up. All but one of them turned into dust. The strange man jumped from the tops of each cell, first breaking the lock on Eric’s cell and… sniffing him. The man turned and went to Iris’s cell and did the same thing. Except when he grabbed her, he teleported her away. Eric proceeded to escape the prison, leaving an extremely sassy arcane mark behind for the guards.

Iris was teleported to a strange place. She was lead to a man on a balcony, who asked her where her pendant was. She explained that she had lost it and he seemed displeased. She told him that she thought she knew who took it. He sent her off with one of his men, who stabbed her with a strange dagger and stripped her naked. When she awoke, she was in the middle of nowhere. Now, every day, when she closes her eyes, she eyes up somewhere different.

Meanwhile, Eric managed to escape the prison without anyone knowing he was missing. He proceeded to buy a horse and tent and make camp an hour away before returning to the city. He then met Largo and tried to convince him that Frank set them up and had multiples of himself. They thought he was crazy and had him sent to a room. A few days later, Largo showed up and asked for Eric’s help in getting dirt on Frank. They agreed to let Eric escape the city by faking his death. In a trial by combat, Largo appeared to drown Eric and he floated away.
Eric & Iris 004: "The Funeral"
The perfect stepping stone.
And so the two friends began travelling with the guards to escort Markus Thundershield’s body to the capital city of Heinrock.

The trip itself was relatively uneventful. They cut straight from the outpost just outside Greenedge into the Myrwood. Time was of the utmost importance. The guards switched out to allow them to ride both day and night. Iris and Eric spent most of their time in a cart. They eventually reached an outpost towards the center of the grove. They stopped there for the night, allowing the duo to get out and stretch their legs. The guards gathered around a fire to tell the story of how Markus got his nickname, “Mort Grandine”. They told the story of how Markus and Malcolm were out clearing their Rite of Entrance, with Guildmaster Brothkar and Largo watching over the test. They were to fight tusked tanhides, but instead found the demon beast Grandine. It was rumored to look like a giant bear with the head of a dragon, the mane of a lion, the tail of a scorpion and great wings like a bat. Brothkar perished in the fight and just when all seemed lost, Markus grabbed the beast by its throat and choked it to death. Largo was appointed the Guildmaster and Markus took his place as Mentor.
After they celebrated Markus’s life, they headed off to bed. Iris and Eric were lead to a different part of the building than the guards by a man by the name of Frank. They sat down at a table together and Frank mildly suggested that they change the story of Markus’s death to be more impressive. Iris was a bit hesitant about this, particularly when he suggested that Grinner spies be involved. She said it would be improper, since she herself was from Grinner and she didn’t want the wrong impression to be spread as his fiancee. Eric suggested that a tanned tuskhide should be involved, though Iris claimed to be uncomfortable with lying, they settled on that story instead.

The tea that Eric drank made him literally fall asleep in his chair. Two guards came in to move him to his bed and they settled in for the night.

It seemed to calm the voices in Eric’s head for that day. They set out on a boat headed up the lake and river and straight into Heinrock. They arrived later that day, where both of them got the view of the capital city for the first time. They were escorted through the marketplace to the palace, where they were greeted by Guildmaster Largo Thundershield, a man Iris recognized from one of Markus’s letters.
They exchanged some pleasantries before Iris was escorted by Grandscribe Frank up to her room, which was double the size of the house she had grown up in as a child. She briefly asked him about funerals in Heinrock and he warned her that she would likely be asked to fire the flaming arrow onto the funeral ship. When he suggested that she talk to Largo if she didn’t think she could fire it, she insisted that she was capable and changed the subject. She requested a female servant to help her get ready for the funeral and spent the remainder of the day getting pampered like royalty.

In the meantime, Largo spoke to Eric. He mentioned how Markus sent him a letter, detailing how Markus was going to ask Eric to join the Fighter’s Guild. Eric seemed hesitant about it, but Largo asked him to at least consider “a dead man’s wish”. He agreed, after the funeral.

After their conversation, Eric headed down into the Heinrock market and paid way too much for a set of black clothes for the funeral. He put in an order at a blacksmith’s for a scythe. He bought some potions and throwing knives as well. Meanwhile, in her bath in the palace, Iris shivered, her spidey senses tingling that Eric had just spent too much damn gold.
Noticing a blue tower, Eric headed over to see what was within. There he met the Grandscribe Frank again, who explained to him that to any non-magical person, the tower simply appeared red like the rest of the towers. Eric asked him about fairies and Frank warned him that they were horrible creatures that enjoyed tricking people and then burning them. Eric pretended to take his warning seriously, but after he left the tower, he began skipping and chanting, “I’m going to get a fairy!”

When he arrived back at the palace, it was nearing the time for the funeral. One of the guards found him more suitable funeral attire after seeing his improper clothing. They then both joined the procession, which was a very serious and formal march through the city. Largo passed Iris a ceremonial bow with a flaming arrow. As the boat began to float away, she pulled back and hit Markus square in the chest, setting the entire ship ablaze. She stood there for a long time, watching it drift down the river. Eric left with most of the crowd, finding himself a prostitute to warm him for the night. Iris remained there for a long time. The queen herself approached her and comforted her. She pressed a necklace into her hand. The pendant was a beautiful shield with a sword in the center. Iris remained there for awhile longer, before joining Frank for some tea. Largo warned her in time not to drink of it, scolding the Grandscribe for offering it to her. She uncertainly sat there, not drinking her tea, until Largo invited her to join them for dinner. He told Frank that he was not invited, but as they arrived at the table, Frank was already sitting there.

Iris sat between Largo and the beautiful princess, Irene Lethnika. She quietly chatted with the princess, who asked her about where she was from and about Markus. Her mother was clearly displeased at the rudeness and had her daughter dismissed. Before she was lead out, Iris whispered to the princess, telling her that she would agree to talk to her later.
Eric & Iris 003: "Good Men Always Die"
Le Mort d'Markus!
Spending an extra day in town, the heroes picked up several extra provisions. Eric sold off his armor while Iris discovered that shoes and makeup are really, really, really expensive. She also discovered walking in stilettos is harder than it looks. Eric tried to get the guards’ head cook to teach Iris how to cook, but she stormed off in a rage at their sexist comments. As they walked back through town together, they bantered and Iris ended up telling Eric if he wanted to learn how to cook so badly, he should dress up as a woman and ask the cooks to teach him how. It was then they realized Markus was with them when he interjected, “Hah! I’d pay to see that.”

After some more banter, Eric took off to the tavern and Iris followed Markus to his forge. She asked him to teach her how to blacksmith and he refused, saying it was a man’s job. She got all affronted and bet that she was strong enough to pick up the anvil. Of course, she wasn’t strong enough and ended up making a fool of herself. After Markus laughed at her, she sourly bet that he couldn’t pick it up either. He made a deal that if he could pick it up, she would tell him what actually happened to Malcolm Thundershield. She countered that if she won, he would teach her blacksmithing. He was able to pick it up easily and though she accused him of magic, she agreed to tell them once they left town.

She returned to the tavern and knocked on Eric’s door. In his classic fashion, he refused to open the door until she offered him sex.

The next day, they were awoken to the sound of trumpets bleating. As they left, they noticed guards leading in a big caravan. They didn’t bother to stop to see who it was, though, as they took off. Iris managed to convince Markus to let her ride on Cybele with him. When they stopped to break for lunch, she confessed that she had seduced Malcolm and stolen his belongings, but “conveniently” left out the part where she killed him. Markus didn’t seem to buy her story and told her that she had the rest of the journey to tell him the truth. She insisted she hadn’t lied, which she hadn’t, technically.

One night on their travels, Markus got up and headed off into the plains. Awoken by his stirring, Iris was unable to contain her curiosity and followed him. He knelt down in the plains for nearly an hour before she finally approached him and asked him what he was doing. He told her to get behind him as the wolves he had been hunting closed in.

“So, what’s the plan?”
“Don’t die!”

It was a plan that Markus himself wasn’t able to stick to. When the wolves overwhelmed him, he picked Iris up in one last ditch effort and threw her to safety. She looked on in dismay as his throat got ripped out. She ran back to camp and shook Eric awake, who ran out on the horse and killed the wolves, but it was too late. Markus was dead.

They went through his belongings and kept some of his gold, weapons and armor as their own. They traveled to the next guard outpost and told them what had happened. The guards recognized Markus and were saddened, asking how he died. Iris told the tale of how he had died saving her and proceeded to break down into tears, saying that they were going to get married. One of the guards comforted her in a hug and they decided to take Markus’s body back to the city of Heinrock so a funeral could be arranged in his honor. They spoke of his deeds and discovered he was of the Fighter’s Guild and that his boots were magical, which was how he had picked up the anvil so easily.

Iris and Eric began travelling with them.
Eric & Iris 002: "Hunting the Hunter"
A story of how Eric Songblade defeated "Redhood"
The two heroes set off towards the Riveting Woods to find the man named “Redhood”. When they reached the woods, Iris asked Markus where they should begin looking. He raised his eyebrow and asked why he was even out here if she didn’t know where she was going. Thoroughly embarrassed and unwilling to admit she took up the quest on a whim, Iris pretended like she knew where she was going and headed off in a random direction in the woods.

Her women’s intuition was right, though, because it wasn’t long until they got ambushed by a group of bandits with none other than Redhood leading them.

Markus charged Redhood immediately while Eric and Iris took to the back, taking out some of the archers in the trees. However, by the time Markus fell, they were still badly outnumbered. With a skillful shot of his crossbow, Redhood knocked Iris out, leaving Eric three opponents to fight and no spells left.
In an epic standoff, Eric grabbed Redhood and held him hostage against his two men. Redhood pretended to surrender… only to try and duck out of the way, telling his men to shoot Eric. However, his plan was foiled as Eric kept a strong hold on him, his sneaky plan backfiring as his own men shot him in the chest. Eric threatened them, despite having no spells left at his disposal. He ordered them to patch up Markus and Iris and then head to the cart while he dragged Redhood around as a hostage. He then slaughtered Redhood behind a tree and ordered one of them to come behind the tree to tend to their boss. However, he caught the man off guard and slaughtered them one at a time. When the fight was over, he gathered everyone that had been killed into the broken cart. He then waited for Markus and Iris to wake up.

Unaware that the bandits had never actually bandaged up Iris because she had appeared dead, when they came to, they collected the men that Eric had killed and pushed the cart back to town.

There they were met as heroes for slaying the Redhood, who had been terrorizing the locals. Iris drank the blood of an innocent guard after the party. They were forced to go back out the next day to find the merchandise so they could collect the full bounty, bringing along two city guards in case there were any stragglers.

Markus accidentally killed Eric’s familiar when he had it jump on his shoulder to wake him up. The rat was named only upon his death, dubbed the most original name ever – “Ratty”.

Markus managed to find the campfire fairly quickly. However, they did not see the trap and one by one, the guards and Markus seemed to vanish from existence. Realizing there was an unseen hole in the ground, Eric tossed them down a rope and with Iris’s help, pulled them back up. They managed to locate the cave with the stolen merchandise in it and collected it. They looked through it and conveniently “lost” some things, like a chest of gold, some weapons and a beautiful, sapphire and ruby encrusted dress that Iris refused to give up, even when Markus told her it could be worth as much as 50,000 gold on the black market. Typical woman.

They headed back to town and were hailed again as heroes. Unfortunately, they discovered that the town itself could not give them the bounty and were told to go to Heinrock in order to receive it. However, when getting their last names, the Captain was startled to hear Iris’s full name. The townsfolk shunned her and while Eric managed to cover it up as a silly woman’s delusions, she was unable to find anyone willing to sleep with her to get blood, so she drained more of Eric’s.
Eric & Iris 001: "From Fishes to Hunters"
The road from Salmoncoast to Riverton
Tasked with updating the coastal map of The Heinrock Kingdom, Eric drags Iris for months on a road-trip to Salmonshore.

They arrive at Salmonshore just in time for “sea serpent season”, a dangerous time to even approach the sea. Having little to do after finishing his assignment, Eric heads to the tavern, “The Sleeping Ogre”, where he meets a sweet Aegorian merchant from Dry Rock. It takes Eric mere minutes to convince the lady to “hire” him as a “strong, but delicate arm”. However, after they are done with the deed, and the young Aegorian has fallen asleep, Eric takes all of her valuables and makes an escape, stopping to buy some supplies at the local market, mainly salmon jerky…lots and lots of salmon jerky.

Meanwhile, Iris had taken her leave and started roaming the winding steets of Salmonshore. There she met Malcolm Thundershield, a young and strong Va’alorian who had been stood up by his date. Unaware of the situation, Iris seduces Malcolm into bed, where she eventually murders him and feeds on his blood. She takes Malcolm’s signet ring and the few coins in his jacket pocket before taking off, locking the door behind her. Oh, right, she also walking in on someone else’s apartment while they were having sex, cause she’s rude like that…ahem.

As I was saying, Eric and Iris hit the road, packing the delicious 50 pounds of salmon jerky that Eric had bought. On the road Eric stops by the guard outposts to tip the loyal men of Heinrock, with whom he shares a drink before going back on the road.

It takes them 10 days, but they eventually reach Rindeltown, a small farming settlement. After discovering none of the women, er, fruit was old enough to be picked, Iris and Eric headed up the hill to a guard outpost. They walked in to see a drill being performed. Eric bet 5 gold coins that Iris could not beat the commander in a fight, so naturally, she sauntered up to the man and challenged him to a fight. He laughed in her face and in a typical misogynist fashion, insulted her and told her to get back to the kitchen. She played it off innocently and suggested that if he won the fight, he could spend the night with her. Things took a turn for the worse when he had her fight his weakest recruit, Vin. He only agreed to fight her after she had beaten all of his men, which of course, he didn’t think she could do. She agreed that if the guards won, they would all be able to have their way with her, but if she won, they would have to respect her as a female fighter. Despite her poor odds, she took the challenge.
There was much laughter as Iris missed her first swing at the guard. But in her next swing, he was knocked out in one blow. There was silence and she teasingly asked for her next opponent. This fight went much messier and she broke her scythe, but managed to knock her opponent out with the broken handle. When she asked for a new weapon, one of the guards went into the armory and returned.

“Sir, we’re out of weapons!”
“What do you MEAN we’re out of weapons?!”
“They’re ah… all gone…”
“Fine, give her your weapon, then.”

While Iris was fighting, Eric had gone around to the armory and started to carry out all of the weapons and some armor onto his mule. Iris went on to fight the next contestant but was quickly knocked unconscious. The guards dragged her into the barracks and all of them had their way with her for the entirety of the night.
She awoke the next day with a man sleeping on top of her and several naked guards sleeping about. Thoroughly disgusted, she slipped out from underneath the man. Upon failing to find her clothes, she took an oversized shirt and began her walk of shame to the commander, who insulted her again. She snapped at him and got Eric to help her find her clothes. He got a guard to escort them and made fun of her while she was forced to clean up the guards barracks for “the mess she made”, eventually finding her belongings. Before they left town, she asked Eric for help in getting her next meal. He agreed and slashed his palm, letting the blood drip into a cup and giving it to her. He got a guard to patch it up and they left to head to Riverton.

Some 9 days after, they reach Riverton, the bustling river-side market town. Eric sees a wanted poster for a man with a red hood in the Riveting Woods. He leaves Iris to find them someone to assist them in the hunt. He heads to the tavern and begins practicing throwing knives. He accidentally chucks one through the window and hides when a few thugs come out of the tavern. They blame it on a random bystander and knock the poor fellow out. Eric pulls him aside to “make sure no one steals his belongings”.

In the meantime, Iris finds a man in the marketplace. She tries to sell Malcolm’s ring to him and he asks where she got it. She lies and says she found it on the road from Salmonshore. He heavily suggests that she should return it and she strikes up a deal that she’ll give it to him if he accompanies her to find the Red Hood. He agrees as long as he gets half of the 5000 gold bounty.
She heads with him to the tavern to find Eric. Her new companion, Markus Thundershield leans over and points out that the man is dead. Eric then steals his stuff, since, y’know, he’s dead and all. No need to protect it anymore. They then head out of town. Iris drinks the blood of the dead man. Gross.
Desert Party 001: "A Tiny Temper"
The boy that started it all.

Temper had always had a short fuse. But his companions at the guild though he was doing better now that he had a steady job getting rid of monsters on the road and killing the occasional bandit. But one bad day in the tavern and no milk to calm him down got the better of him. He smashed a glass of whiskey on one of the bartender’s head and cracked it open, only to coerce the second one to get him some milk. Out of ideas, the man gave him a bottle milk liquor, which Temper promptly used to smash his head open.

Guards came in to arrest him (although not very efficiently, as downed three of them before reinforcements could drag him to prison. Luckily his guild mates bailed him out and managed to get him on a new job before any more chaos could be wrought. It was a simple job, a bit dangerous, but simple nonetheless: “hunt some Deviljhos, 1k gold per hide”. And off they went to the northern Red Desert.

On the road they were caught unprepared when in the middle of the night a band of giant scorpions surrounded the camp and began attacking them. Unbeknownst to them, they had settled camp over a small cave system, in which the scorpions had taken residence. The battle was long and tiring, but eventually the scorpions were slain and their meat and carapaces used for food and armour. Temper managed to construct a make-shift attire from the carapaces and began wearing that instead of his old rusted iron armour.

With the threat dealt with and their energies spent, the party decided to call it a night. But while they were sleeping soundly, the Deviljhos were hard at work, tunnelling and hunting underground. Unfortunately for the party, a small tremor managed to destabilize the caves bellow, collapsing the ground underneath them and trapping them in a whirlpool of sinking sand. Temper managed to stay on top for few seconds before being sucked in, seconds that saved his life as he managed to reduce the impact of the fall by rolling over and through the corpses of his guild mates.

Alone and lost, 50ft beneath the surface, Temper began exploring the underground lair. It didn’t surprise him to find it crawling with insects and Deviljhos, of which he slew one before heading deeper into the cave. Following the sound of water, Temper found a small underground cave, filled with mysteriously glowing rocks, and a giant golden door. Ignoring the inscriptions on said door, he touched it, turning it into a pool of molten gold that quickly seeped through the sand. Maybe scared or maybe uninterested in proceeding into the depths of the cave, Temper turned back, and managed to escape the cave, but not before taking a glowing rock with him.

Back on the surface, he started walking north, eventually reaching “Loren’s Oasis” where the local merchants (?) had him take a rest and offered him a deal for the rock. They’d return to the cave and extract the rocks, and in exchange they’d take Temper to the capital on cart, and give him 30% of the sales. And so once again Temper found himself in the underground, now followed by 3 Va’alorians, a two slaves: Zaunian and a Vantic.

The two slaves, Liam and Lina were put on excavation duty while the Va’alorians explored the rest of the room. The door had re-appeared, but once again its warnings were ignored as the greedy merchants touched it and sent it collapsing into the ground. Behind it, they found a gigantic ravine, the likes of which had never been seen before. Temper peeked over the edge to find at its bottom was a river of molten gold and a winged creature that was climbing the walls to meet them.

Soon enough they engaged the winged monstrosity in combat. The merchants were surprised to hear it speak as it introduced itself as Adamai, just before raining molten gold down on one of them, instantly burning him to death. Temper and the remaining merchant fought valiantly, but all seemed lost when Temper was struck by the beasts claws. However, Temper endured the pain and sent the creature against the pillars of glowing rock that blocked the entrance, only to find out that they shocked Adamai whenever he came close to them.

Thus, by insistently and constantly striking at Adamai and pushing him against the pillars, Temper emerged victorious. But some battles may be better left lost. Temper was cursed with Adamai’s powers, turning him into a creature of pure emeralds and molten gold, much alike the beast.


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