You will gain +1 STR, +1 CON.
You are a natural tinkerer of metals, you start with Blacksmithing I.
Your arms are larger and harder than other races’, dealing 1d6 lethal damage.

Typically live to around 230 years old
Typically between 3.8ft and 5.0ft
Typically between 100lbs and 180lbs
They are a race of traditions, with a passion for building and mining.


“We’d come a long way from home, a harsh way, filled with dangerous monsters and scorching heat, but we’d made it into the heart of the Great Desert. We’d seen the ruins, we’d seen the paths, but we were unprepared for the heart-warming welcoming we received. Large hands waved our arrival, some empty, others holding strange metal toys. How big a heart can such small people hold?” -Leinth Farstep

The Aegorians (ancient: Aegoren) are a people of strong traditions of honour and family values, who have always shown a great passion for building and mining.

The common Aegorian lives their life out in the Great Desert, most often than not close to Orphen Rock, where the dangers of the desert are lesser and working materials are more abundant. They dedicate the majority of their life to designing, building and tinkering all sorts of mechanisms and contraptions, ranging from simple weapons to trap-filled castles. However, not all them dedicate themselves to the old professions and those who don’t, often go out to Va’alorian lands to become merchants and craftsmen.

“Their smaller statures and bigger arms give them greater stability and strength when it comes to combat, and while they have proven to be exceptional fighters, we’ve come to realize they are far better craftsmen, more so than we could ever hope to be.” -Rathkar Farstep

The birthplace of their civilization, Orphen Rock, holds great value as it houses the politic, religious and cultural centres of their society. The King of Dust resides in his throne at the Sunken Palace, just under the city, within the ancient ruins of Aegor Nox, from where he rules the land with the advise of his seven councillors. High above the city, at the peak of The Hra’ak Pillar, the Grand Priest of Aegor spends his days weathering it down, hearing out those who reach out to him for advise. And between them, the bustling citadel is filled with merchants and craftsmen; where they meet, the marketplace welcomes merchandises from all across the world, from the humble sand-pearls of Trendo to the great blades of Titania.





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