The Kingdom of Heinrock.

Also known as Heinrock


The Kingdom of Heinrock uphold a patriarchal monarchy, with heavy military presence. Women are not allowed to join the military or take jobs that require manipulating heavy machinery, as they are “frail creatures that need protection”, or as most men choose to interpret it “weaker things that exist to give men troubles”.

The kingdom shares borders with the Kingdom of Grinner to the east, the Allied Cities of Kain to the south and the Free Cities of the North to the north.

Currently, the kingdom is at peace with all three of the neighbouring nations, but there are widespread rumours that the Grinner are to blame for the recent Fires of Titania.

The Kingdom of Grinner

Also known as Grinner


The Allied Cities of Kain

Also known as Freesia


The Free Cities of the North

Also known as Northridge


The Empire of Enrys

Also known as Enrysia


The Kingdom of Orphen

Also known as Phenixia


With the capital city of Orphen Rock located above one of the most re-known and ancient catacombs, Phenixia occupies most of the Great Desert, extending as far as to share a border with Freesia over the foot of the Altar Range.

The Isle of Zaunia

Also known as Zaunia


The Isle of Zaunia is the birthplace of the Zaunian race and it remains to this day free of all other races, as very few dare to tread the Whispering Sea that separates the isle from the Sinnaïr continental plateau.

While there is no central government and Zaunians are free to do as they please anywhere on the island, the strong religious sense they share keeps them working together. They share no common borders with any other kingdom, although they possess trading routes through the Whispering Sea to both Kain and Phenixia.

There are rumours that Zaunia possesses an ancient relic from the Old Religion which allows its denizens to travel through the Whispering Sea, and even possibly beyond the Great Darkness.


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