Grand Historie of Sinnaïr:

“I have come across the most grand of libraries, and I’ve learnt of what has been and glimpsed into what will be. But for you mere mortals, I leave only these pages, so they may remind you of what you’ve done, now and forever.”-Lady Orrisa, the Wise

Ages of Darkness

(? B.S. – 0 A.S.)

“You need not concern yourself with what happened in the times before the Silence, nor should you wish to find out, for its darkness is as an existence that wants to be found and will grasp onto your very soul until you are nothing more than a husk. You’ve been warned.” -Lady Orrisa, the Wise

Age of Silence

(0 A.S. – 2000 A.S.)

“In the times that came after the Great Ravage, all races had been driven into a corner, their secret corners of the world were they hid for many years to come. Two thousand years of isolation not only from each other, but also from the world around them, lead the races of Aegos into a primitive state. But on the brink of the second millennia, great leaders arose to lead their people into a new era.” -Lady Orrisa, the Wise

Age of Rebirth

(2000 A.S. – 2257 A.S.)

“The great campaigns to expand the civilizations begin almost simultaneously across the Sinnaïr Archipelago, as the young Great Lords take their people out of hiding and into the desolated world beyond. Every day is a constant struggle to survive, as monsters roam the land, attacking anyone who invades their territory. The advance is slow, but with time, the campaigns prove to be a success and the first colonies outside the bunkers are settled, and others follow soon after.

A few hundred years later, as people grew aware of the apparent immortality of the Great Lords, not only due to their incredible display in combat, but mostly due to the lack of ageing in their bodies, the Great Battle of Mirror Lake takes place. Arthur and Arventos Heinrock join armies with Joramy and Lothbart to fight against the so called “Child of Nox”. The battle is fierce and terrible, but as it nearied its close, the True Light pierced the clouds and shone over the land for the first time in over two millennia." -Lady Orrisa, the Wise

“According to eye-witnesses, the Great Lords at Mirror Lake rose from the ground in that pillar of light and were taken into the skies above.” -Bath Farstep, Adventurer

Age of Light

(2257 A.S. – current)

“With the new found gift of light, the people of Zaunia embarked on a journey across the Whispering Sea and arrived at Kein in Va’alorian lands, thus began the Age of Light, a time of exploration, diplomacy and economic growth without precedence. Within the decade, the Va’alorians from Kein had arrived at both Orphen Rock and Helixden, and established trade routes throughout the Sinnaïr mainland.

Kingdoms rose where the Great Lords had once ruled as their alleged descendants came to power. But as their power grew, the people became more distrustful of their origins, and thus the Tales of the Great Lords became little more than a religious story to justify their reign.

In the past few centuries, wars broke between the competing nations of Heinrock, Grinner and Enrysia, changing not only their borders but the very land too. But after the Pact of Titania was signed between Heinrock and Grinner, and with Enrysia having been pushed into a corner, peace reigns the land." -Farstep’s Adventurers Guild

Current year: 3627 A.S. / 1370 AoL


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