The Tiered System:

Guilds use a tiered ranking system to organize their members. This system is broadly applied by all guilds, from Heinrock Fighter’s Guild to Orphen Rock Mage’s Guild.

The Guildmaster:

In the tiered system, the Guildmaster is the absolute judge to all matters concerning any of the members, they have final say on any internal conflicts and have the authority to manage memberships freely. They often hold positions of political power outside the Guild due to their considerable connections and power.

The Heads:

A powerful guild most often has more members than a single master can manage, which is why they derive management to several Heads of Department, and the masters limit themselves to act as judges and politicians when needed.

The Heads of Department are charged with leading and organizing the highest members of the guild, those who stand at the top of their art and who in turn train others to be like them. Normally, guilds give each Head a specific title to make their roles more evident. One such example is the Mages Guild in Orphen Rock, were the Head Scribe is charged with the maintaining and expanding of the Grand Library.

All Heads of Department are Mentors who have moved beyond teaching and have taken the duties of leading, to improve the working environment and to ensure the continuity of the guild.

The Mentors:

They are the few members of the guild that have graduated from menial work and instead dedicate themselves to the perfection of their arts, but also recruiting and training new members for the guild.

While they don’t receive orders and have no obligations in of themselves, Mentors are encouraged to take apprentices by the Heads of Department, and may be forced into teaching by the Guildmaster if they think a prospective student is worth the trouble.

Aside from teaching, Mentors dedicate most of their time to practising and perfecting their art. It is not rare for their names to become well known across the kingdoms, as their exploits are often of great magnitude.

The Assistants:

Those few in charge of leading “quests”, Assistants are the often the first student taken in by a particular Mentor and they take the responsibility of leading all other students in guild missions.

While the Assistant may not take students of their own, they are still more capable than their peers and well on the road to mentor-ship. They receive their instructions from their Mentor, and are often placed in charge of directing practices when the Mentor is busy or away.

Assistants are tested by the Guildmaster in order to become a full fledged Mentor, and this only occurs when their Mentor grants them approval or they perish.

The Tested Members:

Each guild calls their members by different names: “brothers”, “shield-bearers”, “thinkers”, etc. Tested Members are the minority within the bulk of the guild membership. They are all members that have been taken in by a Mentor and completed their Rite of Entrance.

They study under their given or chosen Mentor and take instructions directly from him, and in second place from the adjunct Assistant.

Tested Members are the main force of a guild, as they will form the task force under the Assistants, committing themselves to the quests of greatest importance to the guild.

The Rookies:

As the name implies, they are the newest members, those who have been accepted into the guild but have yet to pass their Rite of Entrance. They are the greater bulk of the guild, responding directly to the Heads of Department they perform menial tasks for the guild while training and trying to be taken in by one of the Mentors.

When a Rookie is selected by a Mentor or, in very particular cases, hand-picked by the Guildmaster, they begin their Rite of Entrance, after which they will either be exiled from the guild or become a Tested Member, being transferred from the Heads domain into the Mentor’s.


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