Nox, Iris

A Va'alorian girl who's got more than a few problems to deal with, like Eric and his...issues.

Iris Nox of Rondel is fairly short and slender for a Va’alorian, with fair skin. She stands at only 5’2" ft and weighs in at 100 pounds. She is extremely attractive, with a doll-like face. Her deep, wine red eyes are probably her most notable feature. Her hair is around shoulder length. While her hair is naturally a dark brown-black, she recently got it dyed an ash blonde. She has a long, slender tail and small, curved black horns. She’s 22 years old. She is a vampire.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Figher

Iris is hard-headed and determined. She hates being looked down up and has a minor ego. On the other hand, she’s not beneath using her appearance to seduce men so she can feed on them. She treats sex very casually and often flirts with various men. She enjoys messing with her childhood friend, Eric and can be very playful. She thinks she’s an amazing fighter and will never back down from a challenge.

Location: Heinrock, Heinrock
Companions: Eric


Iris never knew her parents. They disappeared mysteriously when she was very young. She was raised by a Zaunian couple, who had a son named Eric. They were close in age and grew up as best friends. When Iris was fourteen, he got her pregnant. She had a miscarriage and while she survived, she was rendered infertile. She’s needed blood in addition to regular subsistence and been weaker in the sunlight since she was a child.
She’s always been interested in fighting, but she’s never been that good at it. She hates to admit this and thinks of herself as a great fighter. It was in one of her sparring lessons that she accidentally injured herself. She has a minor limp in her left leg because of this, though she doesn’t let it slow her down.

Hometown: Rondel, Grinner

She travels with Eric to make sure he doesn’t get his idiot-self into too big of a mess without her. She secretly hopes to find her parents and what the prophecy that was written about her means. Not that she’d ever admit it out loud that she cares about that sort of stuff.

Her parents left her a pendant shaped like an acorn, but its missing stripes that form a spiral down the sides. Inside the pendant you can see a tiny black rock that glows with a pale grey light.

When the child of the red eyes
Vows before the watchful guardian
The stars shall fall silent
The earth shall grumble
The wind shall whisper:
The king sleeps no more

When the child who stands at Volken’s Gate
Stands at the long shadows
The seas shall rebel
The sun shall seer
The men shall wave
The night will rise

Nox, Iris

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